Let us help you manage risk, eliminate hazards, protect your employees from unnecessary and costly injuries and avoid costly OSHA, EPA and DOT fines.


The cost of ignoring OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations can be enormous with OSHA fines ranging from up to $1,000 for each nonserious violation, up to $7,000 for each serious violation and up to $70,000 for each willful or repeat violation.  EPA and DOT fines are equally severe.


An effective safety program is more than just "Bells and Whistles".  We will provide you with the necessary written programs to meet OSHA requirements, and we will also provide the training to show your employees how to work safely, in a manner that complies with OSHA.  We follow-up to help you achieve ongoing compliance.


We can help you implement the programs and procedures needed to establish a comprehensive safety and health program, which could result in a reduction in Worker's Compensation insurance rates.


We can perform an annual physical inspection to identify any potential violations before OSHA does.  Our programs were developed by an OSHA Certified Instructor, and have been viewed favorably during OSHA inspections at our clients companies.


We can help you achieve EPA compliance, i.e., Sara Title III, Stormwater, Air Permitting and Hazardous & Residual Waste, as well as DOT compliance.


Are you concerned about indoor air quality or potential over exposure to chemicals?  We offer Certified Industrial Hygiene Services.  Some examples are Air Monitoring to identify common workplace exposures to potentially hazardous contaminants, HACCP Audits and Ergonomic Screening Evaluations, just to name a few.


We don't just inform our clients.we educate them and we provide peace of mind!


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