John Wolgemuth was recommended to me at a Trade Association meeting in 1991.  After meeting with him at our metal fabrication facility in Laurel, Mississippi, we knew we had found the right person to help us comply with OSHA and EPA regulations.  Fourteen years later, we are more convinced than ever that John and his associated are the right choice for us.


Prior to obtaining the service of J.W. Safety Management & Training, Inc. it was impossible for us to keep up with all of the OSHA, EPA& DEQ regulations.  Here in Laurel, we didnít always hear about all of the OSHA & Environmental changes, and when we did hear about them, we didnít have the time or expertise to understand them.


J.W. Safety Management is always available to us.  If we have questions that need answered, we can always count on them to respond.  If OSHA or DEQ unexpectedly comes to inspect our facility, J.W. Safety will come to Laurel to meet with OSHA and to represent us.  They will also negotiate any OSHA or DEQ fines seeking penalty reduction and additional abatement time.


Furthermore, John and his team have helped us achieve significant workplace injury reduction.  In addition to conducting all OSHA mandated safety training, they provide special training such as good Ergonomic practices and prevention of Sprains & Strains.  In short, they are a great asset to our company.


William L. McLean, President

The Essmueller Company