About Us


Who we are:

J.W. Safety management and Training, Inc. is a full-service safety management and regulatory compliance consulting firm, established in 1990 to provide leadership to our clients in the areas of regulatory compliance (OSHA, EPA and DOT), safety program development and employee training.


What we do:

We work in partnership with our clients to bring their facilities, programs and employee training into compliance with a variety of governmental regulations.  We also develop programs and strategies to help reduce accidents and Worker's Compensation claims through improved employee safety awareness and training.


Who we work for:

We serve clients in:

           Construction                                              Metal Fabrication

            Egg Plants                                                 Millwright Companies

            Feed Manufacturing                                   Petroleum Distribution

            Flour Mills                                                 Poultry/Meat Processing

            Food/Milk Processing                                Printing/Publishing

            Foundry/Machine Shops                            Seed Plants

            Lawn & Garden Centers                            Truck/Feed Tank Retrofitting

            Medical Instrument &                                Truck Servicing Centers

            Lamp Manufacturing                                  Transportation Companies


When you should call us:

Whether you need to initiate a complete safety management program or want to evaluate your current programs, you should call us.  We can review your operations and current compliance status and recommend necessary actions to achieve proper compliance, and to reduce accidents and injuries.


If you should be visited by an OSHA, EPA or DOT Compliance Office and need assistance in negotiating reasonable abatement strategies and penalty reduction, please call us.


Why our service is successful for our clients:

Most of our clients know they need to comply with the many regulations that continue to grow in scope and number, but they simply do not have the internal resources to achieve compliance.  They also know that the cost of non compliance can be very high in terms of fines and penalties.  We give peace of mind to our clients, who can focus their efforts on other critical activities such as production, marketing and product quality, while we lead the effort toward safety and regulatory compliance.


How our service works:

After we speak with you regarding your needs, we will propose to establish our relationship on either a contractual or hourly basis.  Most of our clients benefit from an ongoing contractual basis, but in other cases an hourly billing arrangement is more advantageous.  Once this decision is made, we get to work to identify priorities and we conduct training sessions and develop written plans to achieve OSHA compliance.


The next step:

Call or email us and we will contact you to discuss your needs and how our services can help you.


J.W. Safety Management & Training, Inc
1200 East Main Street, Suite 3
P.O. Box 71
Palmyra, PA 17078-0071
Phone: (717) 832-6386
Toll Free: (800) 884-0597
Fax: (717) 832-6389
Email: info@jwsafety.com